A New Hit song by Neyi Zimu, uJesu Unamandla – Lyrics, Video and Translations


This is Neyi Zimu’s song named uJesu Unamandla, which means Jesus is powerful and He fights for me in the battles.

Jesu unamandla (in english:Jesus is Powerful)
Uyangilwel’ ezimpini (in english:He fights for me in battle)
Jesu unamandla (in english: Jesus is Powerful)
Uyangilwel’ ezimpini (in english: He fights for me in battle)
There are situations and things in life
That surround us
And we loose strength
We do not know what to do
The Bible says there was a man
Who was attacked by armies
Which were greater than his
This man prayed to God
And asked God, ‘what should I do?’
God sent a prophet
Who told the man ‘not to fear’
‘Place the singers and Levites’
‘Put them in front’
This man’s name was Jehoshaphat
The Bible says he told the warriors
‘You will not conquer this battle’
‘God says this battle is not ours’
‘But it is His’
Then God said, ‘Assign the “Neyis” to the fore’
And Jehoshaphat said…
Jesus is mighty
He fights my battles

The Israelites did not live in peace in Jerusalem
The Bible says that there were enemies
Who kept attacking them
And one day God sent an Angel
To visit a young man
He found the young man hiding
Trying to preserve the little that was left
And the Angel said, ‘I salute you man of valor’
Gideon replied, ‘what do you see? There is no warrior in me’
And the Angel said, ‘you are a warrior because God says so’
The Angel said Gideon, ‘go in your might’
‘Do not borrow things Gideon, just go in might’
I want you to sing today, and speak like Gideon
Jesus is mighty
He fights my battles
Part 3
The Bible says Moses died
A man who could open the sea
A man who could bring food from Heaven
A man who could point at the rock and water came out
A man who could lift up a snake and people got healed
He died
The Bible says God visited another young man
Whose name is Joshua
And God said to Joshua
‘Joshua, Moses my servant is dead’
‘And you left behind’
‘You are the one to lead these people across’
Because sometimes
God removes those we love
So that you and I remain
There are “Joshuas” here today
Who must take their families, their companies, their churches and families
Jesus is mighty
He fights my battles

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