AmaBlesser Lyrics (English Meaning) by DJ Maphorisa & Mlindo The Vocalist


AmaBlesser Lyrics (English Meaning) by DJ Maphorisa & Mlindo The Vocalist
Ehh…yahh (X4)
Uyazi uthandi umuntu (english translation: u know when you love someone)
uvele ugwalw ngaye (english translation: and you get charmed by her)
uvele ubone straight (english translation: and all you see)
uvele ubone umshado (english translation: and you see the wedding)
ngisho mma wengane (english translation: i mean the mother of the kids)
impilo yakho yonke iphelele (english translation: your life is complete)
wena noma unaye  (english translation: when you are with her)
kanti yena ufuna ukuhamba (english translation: she wants to leave you)
ufuna ukubona abanye (english translation: she wants to see others)
mina angazi ngithini (english translation: i dont know what to say)
ngazi ngithini ngaye (english translation: i dont know what to say about her)
akphelela ka phandle kakho (english translation: im not complete without you)
nayo uyazi sthandwa sam’ (english translation: she also know)
kokutheni owsanthnadi ngicela ngimyeke (english translation:
uhambile mababay (X2) (english translation: my baby is gone)
uhambe no mablesser (X2) (english translation: she left with the blesser)
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