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Ayanda Jiya Falling for you lyrics


Ayanda Jiya Falling for you lyrics

Ayanda Jiya Falling for you lyrics

I’m falling for you
What am I gonna do
I’m falling for you
What am I gonna do
I’m falling for you
What am I gonna do
I’m falling for you
What am I gonna do

verse 1[Ayanda Jiya]
Hey babe
Hey now listen I got something to say
I can’t control it
Every time you look up my way I melt
Didn’t have to be the one to tell you so
‘Cause baby I can’t be the only one
You got me going crazy baby
Seeing what I’m seeing now
Won’t you come here boy
Hey maybe we can chill the next time you come around
Maybe we can talk
And I know I’m sounding crazy
But I just got to let you know
You got it going on


verse 2 [A-Reece]
Smoke a lot
‘Cause I prefer to be blunt when I talk
All I got in this world is my word and my bars
I know where your mama stay
But you belong in my arms, yeah
Fuck me so, fuck me so good makes me wanna hit raw
Said you’re falling
I’m just picking up from where we left off
The last time I tried this kind of shit
It didn’t get far
Who am I kidding anyway, it’s probably my fault
And maybe I ain’t tryna be that nigga no more
Since you’re falling you’re accepting me for me and my flaws
Yeah, I need you to be sure

[Ayanda Jiya]
Baby what I’m saying is true
Think I might be falling for you
Baby they don’t care about you
No no baby not like I do


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