Birdz Lyrics and Song by Shane Eagle

Birdz Lyrics and Song by Shane Eagle
Birdz Lyrics and Song by Shane Eagle

Birdz Lyrics and Song by Shane Eagle

Birdz Lyrics by Shane Eagle


[Verse 1: Shane Eagle]
Yeah yeah
Bitch nigga, big figures
Got these Asians on my dick like I’m Rich Chigga
Bone splitter, came from the streets nigga
Now we in the room when they talkin’ six figures
Rolling around, holding it down
Pay me that loud, pay me that crown
Nigga be talking that shit but I’m focused, why I’m always holding it down, holding it down
Eagle bout the dance, he look smooth
Yeah he bout to set it on the moon
Set it the set, sent it to Tek
Had to connect, nigga been breaking their necks
I feel it inside, my demons aside
It’s killing my pride, I’m feeling the rise
I don’t need advice, I’m losing my mind
Time don’t exist, I’m living a lie


[Verse 2: J-Tek]
Yeah, Tek and Eagle bout to wake the people
I know niggas from the States but yet they push illegal
I know that some people watching wanna see me fall
Slim chances, better odds at winning Powerball, wait
Put in the work, I know my worth
Beats get murked
I need a hearse
I made a way, when there was no way
Now get out my space, so I can create yeah (Yeah)
Now get out my space, so I can create yeah
Ain’t got time to be jogging in place
Yeah we heard that fake shit, real people don’t feel that
I’m ballin’ so hard that I might bring Phil back
This just ain’t no gimmick, this a motherfuckin’ skill
Ironic the bars fire but I’m giving ’em chills, ooh


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