Bucie ft Kwesta Thando Lwethu lyrics


Bucie ft Kwesta Thando Lwethu lyrics

Listen to the song: Bucie ft Kwesta Thando Lwethu

They said we will never make it
We were going to far
But we went the distance you and I
And Here we are
Here we are
I hope you still have patience.
To try and reach for the stars
We still trying to make it to thefor the sky carry on carry on
Thando lwethu baby is amazing sometimes don’t deserve it
Noma bathi thina solahleka…
See love lives
And Love dies
Love forgives
And love tries
Love comes
And Love goes
And I love all of this love shown
Cos bengazi kungaba soh
Mangiya ekasi sewu actor soh
My paint brush
My heartfelt song
The paint dries
Mara yi art lento
See I talk and you speak
Then I walk and you scream
I found you I found love
You find me you find us.

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