DJ Zan D ft Reason Rigorous – Lyrics and Video


DJ Zan D ft Reason Rigorous –  Video

DJ Zan D ft Reason Rigorous –  Lyrics

[Hook: Reason]
Gang gang looking rigorous
My champagne bottle rigorous
My campaign looking rigorous
Whole team hella rigorous
Lifestyle so rigorous, hair style so rigorous
The top five ain’t rigorous
If you left out this rigorous
Rigorous, rigorous, rigorous (x2)
Me and my niggas is rigorous
Rigorous, rigorous, rigorous (x2)
All of my niggas is rigorous
[Verse 1: Reason]
World class with the process
When I walk in I be rigorous
The format was adopted from an old man
Who was rigorous
Flawless with the finishes
Oh man, he was rigorous
Whole time he was talking
He would drop shit that was rigorous
Smart thing, I was listening
Same shit heavy rigorous
On stage I be rigorous
On your page I be rigorous
Fashion week, looking fresh and clean
‘Cause the better man heavy rigorous
You wouldn’t think I’m from the era
Where they think it’s cool to be rocking Timbalands
Red Vans, rigorous, Tag Heuer looking rigorous
Man you ? if you also had it
‘Cause the whole time you’d be rigorous
Rigorous, rigorous, no time to be any less
Too des like the LES
In off white looking rigorous
[Hook: Reason]
[Verse 2: Reason]
Rigorous with the flows, yeah
Rigorous I’m a pro, yeah
Get it in from the go, yeah
Lionel with the goals, yeah
You can see my approach, yeah
I don’t really need a coach, yeah
I can do it better than he did it
Baby look at everything I do, yeah
It’s rigorous, rigorous, rigorous, rigorous
All of my efforts is rigorous
All of my records is rigorous
All of my visuals rigorous
Even in person I’m rigorous
Gahd Body with a with a black
Probably on the left, mami looking rigorous
You wanna, rigorous, playground, rigorous
Day ones, rigorous, K1, rigorous
Say some, if you must, pace up ’cause I’m in a rush
Take off in a little bit, schedule’s pretty rigorous
[Hook: Reason]

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