Imagine song Lyrics by Olivia and Pompi


Imagine song Lyrics translated to English by Olivia and Pompi

Chikondi chanu Baba (Your Love Father)
Sichi lekelela (Holds me tightly)
You are my loving Father
Nichi yendelela (Goes on and on)
And I can’t imagine my life without Your love
No I can’t imagine my life without Your love
Tikaliyo fika (We have not yet arrived)
Kwekagona ka zuba (Where the sun sets)
sininkala chete (I cannot be silent)
Ndifuna ndi tamande Zina lanu (I want to worship Your Name)
Nivanvela kumutima ati odi (I heard a knock in my heart)
Nko nko nko (knock knock, knock)
Karibu ni nodi (Come in Father)
Zintu zonse ni zanu fikani Baba papangeni panu
(Everything is Yours, make this Your home)
Just Your love is all I need, is all I need
I’m made for You, live and breathe oh just for You
Munani doba, noni suka, noni nyamula
(You picked me, washed me lifted me)
Munani konza (You fixed me)
Munani suka, noni yimya, noni kwezeka
(You washed me, carried me, set me high)
Munani konda (You loved me)
Divine Piece, only when You’re beside me
And it is so surprising
How You still holding tightly
Even on my foolish days
This is why I give You praise
How You could renew this slave, no better
Sinilekela (I’m not letting go)
Pali chikondi chanu nzelu zima pela
(When it comes to Your love, I’m lost for words)
You’re always on time
Ndimwe mu panga ntawi (You are the creator of Time)
With You by my side
No weaponry can harm me
You’re always on time
Ndimwe mu panga ntawi (You are the creator of Time)
With You by my side, no weaponry can harm me
No I cant imagine… Without Your love

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