Jina La Yesu song Lyrics and Video with English Translation by Paul Clement


The name of JESUS CHRIST, is the name above all names, that every knee should bow, and every tongue must declare that Christ is Lord. The song was written and composed by Paul Clement. Produced and mixed by Taz and John Marco from Fisher Records. The video directed by Fisher Records and Kwetu Studios.

Jina La Yesu Lyrics by Paul Clement

Jina lipitalo majina yote (The Name above all other names)
Duniani na mbinguni (On Earth and in heaven)
Tena lenye mamlaka yote (With all the authority)
Humu ulimwenguni (Here on Earth)
Limeinuliwa juu (Jina La Yesu x2) x2
Jina lako Yesu (Your Name, Jesus) x2
Lina uweza, aaa (Has Might/Power) x2
Kila goti litapigwa (Every knee will bow)
(Kwa jina la Yesu) (In the Name of Jesus)
Na kila ulimi utakiri (And every tongue will confess)
(Kwamba wewe ni Bwana) (That You are the Lord)
Yesu x?(Jesus)
Ninakwita usiyeshindwa (I call You ‘The Undefeated’)
Kifo na kaburi ulivishinda (You defeated death and the grave)
Nguvu zako ziko juu ya dunia yote (Your power is over all the earth)
Umekirimiwa jina lenye uweza wote(You’ve been branded with a name with all the might)
Nguvu ni zako, ufalme ni wako (All power is yours, the kingdom is Yours) 
mamlaka ni yako, hata milele (All authority belong to You, forever)
Katika wewe tunapata ushindi, ushindi (In You, we are victorious)
Limeinuliwa juu (Jina la Yesu x2)(It has been lifted high – the Name of Jesus)
Juu ya mamlaka yoote (Over all other authorities)
Juu ya nguvu zote (Over all other powers)

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