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Ke na le Modisa lyrics English Translation from Difela Tsa Sione

Ke na le Modisa lyrics English Translation from Difela Tsa Sione
Ke na le Modisa lyrics English Translation from Difela Tsa Sione

Ke na le Modisa lyrics English Translation from Difela Tsa Sione: This is a seSotho classic Hymn of all times. This is a hymn song to instill hope during challenging times. The song is from Difela Tsa Sione. The song is translated in to English word to word so that you actually get the real meaning of the song as intended by the original author. This is one of the oldest South African Christian Gospel songs of all time.

Ke na le Modisa Meaning

Ke na le Modisa in English means: I have a Shepperd. On this song, the Shepperd means God, or Jesus.

Ke na le Modisa English Translation (Word to word)

Ke na le modisa,(English meaning: I have a Shepperd)
Ke tla be ke hloka’ng? (English meaning: What shall I want?)
Ke ya ipitsang Jehova, (English meaning: I call upon Jehova)
Modimo o phelang, (English meaning: the living God)

O nkisa botaleng, (English meaning: He leads me in green pastures)
Dijong tse mphedisang; (English meaning: the food that keeps me alive)
O nkalosa dinokaneng, (English meaning: He leads me besides still waters)
Metsing a nkodisang. (English meaning: the waters that quenches my thirst.)

Ha ke lahlehile, (English meaning: When i’m lost and have gone astray)
O nkutlisetsa hae; (English meaning: He leads me back home)
O nkisa tseleng ya ‘nete, (English meaning: He leads me to the true path)
Ka lerato la hae. (English meaning: With His love)

Ha ke se ke feta (English meaning: Though I walk)
Khohlong e lefifi, (English meaning: through the valley of the shadow of death)
Ha nka ke ka tshoha tsela (English meaning: I won’t fear the path (of evil))
E chehilweng wa hae

Ke tshepa modisa, (English meaning: I trust in the great Shepherd,
ya disang ka leswai; (English meaning: who shepherds)
Ke eena ya tla ntsedisa, (English meaning: He is the only one who can save me)
Ka mohau wa hae, (English meaning: by His mercy)

Dira di ka ntlhoya, (English meaning: my enemies may hate me)
Ke sa ja monono; (English meaning: but I’m truly blessed)
Mohope wa khaphatseha, (English meaning:
Ke dutse ka thabo. (English meaning: I’m dwelling in joy)

O sa tla mpaballa (English meaning:He always takes care of me)
le bophelong bona; (English meaning: even in this life)

Popular singers of Ke na le Modisa  song

1. Lebo Sekgobela

2. Winnie Mashaba

3. Thando

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