Kumnyama (meaning “its dark” in english language) song lyrics and Audio by Simphiwe Dana

Kumnyama Audio

Kumnyama song lyrics

Hhe kumnyama
Ndim lo kumnyama
Ingabe thando uphi na kobumyama
Hhe kumnyama
Ndim lo kumnyama

[Verse 1]
Ehh eheheh hehe
Hhe kumyama
Ndihleli ndedwa mna
Ndim lo kumnyama
Eh hee ehh hhe kumnyama
Ndihleli ndedwa mna
Ndim lo kumnyama
Andisakwazi nokulala, nokulala
Ehh kumnyama
Ndim lo ndihleli ndedwa ngoku
Ndim lo kumnyama (Ndim lo)
Andisakwazi nokuthetha
Ndisele seze
Kumyama uthando luphelile
Ndisel ebumnyameni
Ndim Lo (Uthando Luphelie uthando)
Kumnyama ngoku
Ndisele sele
Ndim lo ndihleli ndedwa bo
Kumnyama uthando luphelile bo
Ndisele ebumnyameni
Ndim lo kumnyama
Ingabe thando ubuphi na kobubumnyama
Ndim lo
Ehh kumnyama
Kumyama uthando luphelile
Luphelile uthando
Ndim lo kumnyama

Ndihlel’ ebumnyameni
(Ndisele ebumnyameni)
Eeh kumnyama Ndikhanyisel’ indlela Ndihlel’ ebumnyameni Eeh kumnyama Ndikhanyisel’ indlela
(Ndikhanyisele indlela)
Ndim lo kumnyama

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