Lady Zamar and Sjava Drama story summarized

sjava relationship with lady zamar
sjava relationship with lady zamar

Lady Zamar and Sjava Drama story summarized

Lady Zamar accused her former lover, Sjava of abuse on the 29th October 2019. Zamar confirmed on Twitter that she dated Sjava and that she did not know he was married. 

Twitts from Lady Zamar

This comes after Sjava’s sold-out concert over the weekend, “One Night With Sjava”, at the Sun Arena where he introduced his wife to the crowd. 

One Night With Sjava, at the Sun Arena clip

Spent a whole two years fighting within myself.. asking myself how does it happen to me? Me? Yami.. a whole Lady Zamar? How do you become a victim when all you’ve ever wanted was love? How do you survive? How do you piece your life together again.. How do you?— MONARCH💞🦋 (@Lady_Zamar) October 29, 2019

Zamar said she was afraid to speak out in fear of being the topic of conversation on social media and around the kitchen table.

More Lady Zamar’s tweets

I’ve lived an interesting life, full of its challenges for some I’m grateful and others I’m not but this issue or matter is one that affects just too many women and too many men.. I can’t be afraid to call out a wrong coz of who I am.. publicity comes at a price and that’s that.— MONARCH💞🦋 (@Lady_Zamar) October 29, 2019

I will not be defined by anything negative that happened to me.. I said we dated for two years, let me be clear, it was a span of two years but the time spent together did not account to anything more than a three month tremulous relationship.— MONARCH💞🦋 (@Lady_Zamar) October 29, 2019

Picture of Sjava’s Wife

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