Madabadaba by Makhadzi ft Mizo Phyll, lyrics and Video

makhadzi madabadaba
makhadzi madabadaba

Madabadaba by Makhadzi ft Mizo Phyll, lyrics and Video

Madabadaba by Makhadzi ft Mizo Phyll, lyrics

Kha miyanga ri vhararu (english meaning: in my mother we are three)
Huthoma nne hada mashudu (english meaning: i’m the first born, then Mashudu)

Ndo to u fela u fara biya (English meaning: Im just a victim of being seen holding beer)
Hu vhopfi nne ndi dabadaba (English meaning: Now they say im am crazy)

Ni do vha vhona vha tshi fara khoto
Madabadaba Tavern

Ndo to u fela u kangwa badi
Hu vhopfi nne ndi vevetu

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