Makhadzi 2019 New Song – Zwigevhenga (Watch Videos)


Makhadzi 2019 New Song – Zwigevhenga (Watch Videos)

Zwigevhenga Lyrics

Shangoni ri a tangana nazwo zwigevhenga (english meaning: in the world we meet notorious people)

Vhanwe vha ari funa (english meaning: others truly love us)

Vhanwe vha kho u to thetshela fhedi (english meaning:  others are just tasting (bunyu)

Thaidzo vhano ri funa rine a rivha funi (english meaning: The problem is that those who love us, we dont love them)

He zwi zwi kho uto u sumbedza uri lufuno lwo tuwa nabada (english meaning: this just shows the love has gone down the road)

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