Makhadzi Tshikwama Song, Lyrics and Music Video

munna hanaki hu naka tshikwama
munna hanaki hu naka tshikwama
Makhadzi Tshikwama Song and Lyrics Munna ha naki, hunaka tshikwama (english meaning: the beauty of a man is in the pocket), says Makhadzi.

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Makhadzi Tshikwama Lyrics

Huluga vho Gizara kha vhade (English meaning: It’s fine, you can come Mr Gizara) Nanwe vha si na mano kha vhade (English meaning: even though you dont have teeth, come) Huluga Vho Gizara kha vhade Nangwe vha sina muledzhe kha vhade (English meaning: even though you dont have another leg, come) Munna ha na ki hu naka tshikwama (English meaning: the beaty of a man is in the pocket)

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