Ndiyakuthi Ndakudinwa song Lyrics and English Meaning by Andile KaMajola

Ndiyakuthi ndakudinwa (english meaning: When I am weary)
Akuphel’ amandl’ omzimba (english meaning: When strength leaves my body)

Ndiphakamis’izandla (english meaning: I lift my hands to You)
Ndiwacele kuw’amandla (english meaning: And ask You to give me strength)

Yesu Langa lomphefumlo (english meaning: Jesus, the Light of our soul)
Akumnyama xa ukhoyo (english meaning: There is no darkness in Your presence)

Makungabikho’ nay’ into (english meaning: There is nothing)
Enendohlula nawe (english meaning: That can separates us from You)

Thixo akunangqaleko (english meaning: God You have no beginning)
Thixo akunangqibeko (english meaning: God You have no end)

Ukho endaweni zonke (english meaning: You are present at all places)
Ukho ngama xesha onke (english meaning: You are present at all times)

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