Ngigcine lyrics by Joyous Celebration 21 – Sibusiso Mthembu translated in english
Verse 1: Ngigcine phansi kwe sandla sakho esimnene:  english meaning/translation – Lord hide me under you tender hand
Verse 2 Noma kwe yukela,ko mbabelela: english meaning/translation – even though it gets tough i will hold on.
Wamvikela uIsrayeli ebugqilini
(You kept the Israelites safe from slavery)
Kwaba sezweni lesithembiso
(Till the promised land)
Onami ngigcine, Somandla ungigcine, o
Baba ngigcine Kuwe
(Keep me safe also in You)
The song was sang by Sibusiso Mthembu

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