Nibadilishe (English meaning: Change Me) Song and Lyrics by Goodluck Gozbert


Nibadilishe (English meaning: Change Me) Song and Lyrics by Goodluck Gozbert

Nibadilishe is a song sung in Swahili language

Nibadilishe (English meaning: Change Me) Lyrics

Kwanza nimenyoa deni (English language: First I have shaved my debt)
Napenda sana mitindo ya nywele (English meaning: I like hair styles)
Kuruka usiseme (English meaning: Never mind jumping)
Viwanja vipya ninakaribishwa (English meaning: I am welcomed in new fields)
Kwenye kurasa za insta nakesha (English meaning: I spend hours on Instagram)
Nikitafuta tena mabaya (English meaning:Also looking for wickedness)
Nikisikia napata nalitafuta tena nalipa (English meaning: When I get it, I look for it and even pay for it)
Wala silipi madeni (English meaning: And yet I do not pay my debts)
Nikikopa nabet wala sionangi soni (English meaning: When I borrow, I bet without shame)
Fungu la kumi kwangu iyo ni story (English meaning: Tithes are a story to me)
Nasubiri jumapili (English meaning: I only wait for Sundays)

Hata unajua sina imani (English meaning: You know that I do not have faith)
Japo ninaitikia “Amin” (English meaning: Even though I respond “Amen”)
Nasubiria ka ukitenda kwanza ndio nikubali (English meaning: I awat for you to act before I believe)
Kama Yesu najua (English meaning: I know of Jesus)
Na idadi ya vitabu najua (English meaning: I have read many books)
Na yalipo makanisa najua (English meaning: I know where the churches are)
Ila kuhudhuria nashindwa (English meaning: But I am unable to attend them)

Kwa ibada nasinzia (English meaning: I doze during services)
Sijui mdudu kaingia (English meaning: I don’t know maybe illness is in me)
Ila nikiona beer (English meaning: And yet when I see a beer)
Nasikia kuchangamka (English meaning: I fell very energized) (Repeat)

Niko na ubaya, niko na ubaya (English meaning: I have badness, I have wickedness)
Niko na ubaya Bwana nibadilishe (English meaning: I have badness, change me Lord)

Kuna vinyimbo vinanichoma (English meaning: There are songs that scald me)
Hasa ile parapanda (English meaning: Especially the one ‘trumpet’ one)
Ikipigwa wakizikana (English meaning: When it is played as they bury each other)
Pia sirudii kosa (English meaning: Then I do not repeat my mistakes)
Maneno yananichoma ‘binadamu ni maua’ (English meaning: Words that scald me: “Man is like a flower”)
Ikipita wiki moja masikini nasahau kabisa (English meaning: Yet after a week, I forget them all)

Nakupa maisha na moyo utakase (English meaning: I give you my life and soul to cleanse)
Ninapoanguka nishike nisimame (English meaning: When I fall, hold me that I may stand) (Repeat)

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