Omama Bomthandazo (Mothers of Prayers) Lyrics and Song by Samthing Soweto

Omama Bomthandazo Lyrics
Omama Bomthandazo Lyrics

Omama Bomthandazo (Mothers of Prayers) Lyrics and Song by Samthing Soweto

Omama Bomthandazo song meaning

This is a song directed to mothers who are raising kids in tough situations. Even if is hard, mothers make plans for their kids. The song emphasises on how important mothers’ prayers are for their kids and families.

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Omama Bomthandazo Lyrics

Umama)Wayevuk’ ekseni asilungiselel’ ukuthi siyeskoleni (English Translation: Mother wakes up in the morning and prepares us to go to school.)

Athi vuka hambo geza (English Translation: Mother says wakeup and go bath)

Ukudla kwakho uzokuthol’ etafuleni (English Translation: Your food is on the table)

Ngangingaz ukuthi one day (English Translation: I didnt know that one day)

Ngizokhula nami Ngibe mude, (English Translation: Ill grow up and be tall)

Ngibe ngaka Ngibe muhle ngibe nje, (English Translation: Be like this, be handsome)

Ngifane nabanye. (English Translation: and be like others)


Noma kunzima (English Translation: Even though is hard)

Mama wenzi plan (English Translation: Mother always makes a plan)

Webafethu ngkhuluma nge star, (English Translation: Hey guys, im talking about the Star)

Ngkhuluma nge starring, (English Translation: Im talking about the MAin Character in my life)

Ngkhuluma nge Mbokodo yoh. (English Translation: I’m talking about a strong woman)

Noma kunzima. Mama wenzi plan

Webafethu Ngkhumuma nge star

Ngkhuluma nge starring

Omama Bomthandazo

Omama’ Bomthandazo

Omama Webaba (webaba)

Sgcinele (sgcinele) Omama, (Omama, Bomthandazo.)

Omama) Webaba (webaba) Sgcinele (sgcinele)

Omama, (Omama Bomthandazo Omama)

Webaba, sgcinele Omama

Omama Bomthandazo Omama

Webaba. Sgcinele Omama.

Omama Bomthandazo.

Omama Noma kuyenyuka.

Noma kuyehla Uma uvel’athandaze.

Athi thula mtwanami, ungakhali.

K ‘yoze kulunge one day.

K ‘yoze kulunge one day. Noma kuyenyuka, noma kuyehla.

Uma’ uvel’athandaze Athi thula mtwanami Ungakhali.

K ‘yoze kulunge One day. K’yoze kulunge One day

Pre- chorus

Noma kunzima Mama wenz’ iplan Webafethu.

Ngkhumuma nge star Ngkhuluma nge starring

Ngkhuluma nge Mbokodo yoh.

Noma kunzima. Mama wenz ‘ iplan

Webafethu ngkhuluma nge star

Ngkhuluma nge Starring

Omama Bomthandazo Omama Bomthandazo

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