Pretoria State Theatre Drama classes


Pretoria State Theatre Drama classes

Drama and ScriptWriting School Programme.

Acting & Script Writing Course
This 1 year course gives students the tools to act for both Stage and Screen. Classes include: Voice, Speech, Movement, Physical Theatre, and Acting. As well as Script writing in which students learn the basic techniques and how they differ from Stage techniques.

BE-UP Welcomes children, teenagers and young adults with 5 different classes tailored to suit different age groupings.The objective is to have fun, but alongside this,students will gain confidence, improve social skills,learn about theatre styles, arts and techniquesdevelop voice and movement, and improve theircommunication skills. The activities, skills and themes are designed to inspire,challenge and motivate all, whatever the age!
Script writing programmes include
1. Negotiating scriptwriting contracts
2. Contract research specific to script being developed
3. Evaluate script quality
4. Assess marketability
5. Process feedback in the script development process
6. Analyse the relationship
7. Write script for Stage, film or television
8. Propose ideas for script
9. Interpret specification for scripts
10. Collect and collate backround information for specific contexts
11. Analyse linguistic structures
12. Analyse various text in the different contexts
13. Implement systems to meet the flow of information in team, department or division.
14. Develop and manage and its impact on the team, department or division and ensure compliance.
15. Recruit and select candidates to fill defined positions
16. Draft an employment contract
17. Conduct disciplinary hearing
18. Investigate and explain marketing communication concepts.
BE- UP Drama classes include:
Students will continue to develop the skills of the actor,considering stage presence, vocal clarity, diction and projection during voice exercises. Drama activities allow students to feel comfortable exploring movement in order to create character or express mood and atmosphere. Simple drama techniques are learnt and used in a dramatic context, and devised, improvised or scripted work is presented to the group each week, allowing students the opportunity to receive constructive positive feedback. ACT II (ages 11 to 17)Time: Saturdays, 11.00apm – 13.00pm Venue Pretoria State Thearte New Term Starts15 August 2009. Students train to become sensitive and powerful performers, developing the use of voice and body further through practical exercises and dramatic assignments. Drama styles explored include improvisation, stylised drama and physical theatre, naturalism, melodrama and farce,Epic Theatre, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, mask and Commedia dell’arte. More complex drama techniques,forms and structuring methods are learnt and used in adramatic context, and work is presented to the group following rehearsal and refinement, allowing students the opportunity to receive feedback. BE-UP Drama syllabus workis covered, though additional support can be offered onspecific areas if required.ACT III (ages 18 and over)Time: Monday To Friday 8.30am-12.30pm
Venue: Pretoria State Theatre
Students are self-reflective, sensitive and confident performers who are prepared to experiment with more challenging concepts and ways of working. As well asexploring the important work of infamous drama practitioners, further practical work based on the styles of physical theatre, naturalism, absurdism, Epic Theatre, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, Theatre of Cruelty, and Theatre of the Oppressed is produced, performed and evaluated. Drama is filmed and kept so that each student has a ‘show real’ DVD of their work at the end of each term. Students develop audition pieces and continue to develop public speaking skills. BE-UP Drama and Theatre Studies syllabus work is covered, though additional support can be offered on specific areas if required.
Kids and confident tots take their first dramatic steps onto the BE-UP stage, experiencing a sense of audience and performance. Parents are welcome to watch, join in orleave their child to explore a world of fantasy, fairy tale,heroes and villains. Kids play drama-based games,develop their use of voice and movement, and take partin role play exercises. Instruments, puppet play, rhymes,costumes and masks enhance their first experience ofdrama!ACT I (ages 6 to 10)
Time: Saturdays, 09.00am – 10.30am
Our First Age GroupAges 6-10 yearsAges 11-17 years Ages18-Above Our Second Age GroupAges 6-10 YearsAges 11-17 YearsAges 18- AboveOur Third Age GroupAges 6-10 YearsAges 11-17 Years Ages 18- Above Please don’t hesitate to contact us on Tel: 012 320 8502 / 012 805 8674 Cell no.: 082 824 5685
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