Slide Lyrics and Song By Jaylow Smash


Slide Lyrics and Song By Jaylow Smash

Slide Lyrics

I pull up like a ghost ,they never see me alive
They wanna follow boy navigators no reply
Need no b**tch need no nikka
I keep rolling on my side
I took all my life all my vibe to my grind
I slide x3
All my life
I slide x3
To the nikkas who wanna fuck

Verse 1
Music all over my veins
I’lbe staying in my lane
To the nikkas who hate aint tolarate u i aint sh***t
Setting my eyes all over places i cannot trust anyone
You said they’re kind buh you blind eyed
See many nikkas are parasites
I got the missions i finna ride
Nikkas be catching the feelings
All been gone switching sides
All my life i never wabted to be sympathized
Dont get me wrong i got too much pride
I aint following anyone buh i got miine on the bright im kicking the fly’s high
(I got to wake up early
Shoe fit to the streets
Doing the for the family doing cream put it on the plate )x2

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