Ubuyanini is a hot song by Thabsie. Ubuyanini is a Zulu word which means “when do you come back”

Ubuyanini Lyrics with English Translation

Na na (x4)
Ubuyanini (English meaning: when do you come back)
ebsuku ne mini (English meaning: day and night)
koningi oso la le, la le, (English meaning:
kodwa nge sa’k thanda mna, (English meaning: but i still love you)
ngeke ngi ngu shiye mna (English meaning: i wont leave you)
usandi hlanyisa (English meaning: you still make me crazy)
o yang hlanyisa (English meaning: you make me crazy)
Sthandwa sa me, (English meaning: my love)
pelo ya me (English meaning: my heart)
osa fane (English meaning: you are no longer the same)
Osa’n thandi (English meaning: you no longer love me)
Ku dala ndi khala se nyembese, (English meaning:  i have been crying tear for long)
u dlala nge ntliziyo yami, (English meaning: you are playing with my heart)
ndi yenzeni naaa,(English meaning: what do i do)
ndi yenzeni (English meaning:  what must i do)

I remember the day that we were younger,
you used to let me cry on your shoulder,
growing up we were so in love

Ubuyanini we soga lam’, (English meaning:  when do you come back my man)
Ubuyanini(English meaning:  when fo you come back)
e’bsuku ne mini
kuninge u so la le, la le,
kodwa ngi sak thanda mna,
angels ngi ngu shiya man,
usandi hlanyisa,
uyang hlanyisa

Sthandwa sa me,
we made a vow to love each,
though it hurts to stick it out through thick and thin, for better or worse
You keep runnin’ round town lovin’ everybody except your girl, won’t you come back home
the kasi always screams out on the other side just so that I will love you till the day I die
Ubuyanini, e’bsuku ne mini kuninge oso la le, la le kodwa ngi sak Rihanna man ngeke ngi ngu shiye mna usandi hlanyisa, uyang chlamydia
Yek’ o’k dlala ngam’, yek’ o’k dlala ngam,
Can’t you see our love, can’t you see our love (x2)
Ubuyanini, e’bsuku ne mini koninge o so la le, la le, kodwa ngi sak thanda mna ngeke ngi ngu shiye mna osa ndi hlanyisa o yang hlanyisa

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