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KORA and SAMA award nominee, Vicky Vilakazi, has come a long way since her Family Factory and Joyous Celebration days. Now an established artist of note, she is carving out a musical and social legacy that will be hard to match, for generations to come.
Having traveled Africa and the rest of the world throughout her music career, sharing stages with top national and international artists, she has received immense exposure and become more of an international brand. She recently returned from Europe and USA where she toured extensively, performing at sold out venues in places such as Denmark, Sweden and New York.
After years of backing various prominent musicians and pastors, it was in 1996 that she decided to pursue her solo career. With much uncertainty but definitely the drive to become all that God wanted her to be, she set out with her brother Nkululeko Vilakazi as her manager and co-producer. Together they managed to take Vicky from her backing singer status to an internationally recognized gospel icon. With three successful albums already to her name, Vicky has firmly established her unique style, elegance and incredible vocal talent. Also a keen business woman, she co-founded and co-owns Isicholo Entertainment, which among other things is an artist management and music publishing company.
Apart from her keen business sense, Vicky is an incredibly talented woman, especially when it comes to recognizing and nurturing talent. She co-founded the internationally acclaimed and two-time Grammy Award winner, Soweto Gospel Choir. She also recently formed the Soweto Spiritual Singers which will soon be embarking on an international tour.
One of Vicky’s passions has always been working with children. She founded the Vicky’s Children of Africa foundation once she realized that she had the potential to help children in need. It was her response to the adverse plight of many children in Africa, such as poverty, sickness and neglect. “I can hardly remember when I formally started the foundation,” she says. “For years I have been helping children, taking them to school, giving them shelter and helping them with their various needs. At times I would even take them to my parents for shelter,” she recalls. Although she doesn’t talk much about her past, she does make mention of her difficult childhood. She thus has a good understanding of children and has a particularly soft spot for them.
When she is not singing Vicky spends some time at her home church which was founded by her parents Apostle and Pastor Heilbron and Naomi Vilakazi. She frequently shares the Word of God at her church and is often invited by other churches to do the same. She also performs for free at times, just to encourage people. It was at one such performance in Venda early this year, where she was presented by local community leaders and church representatives with a piece of land in recognition and appreciation of her contribution.
Her new album, Zion-Jerusalem demonstrates the coming of age of one of SA’s most outstanding voices. Having produced the album herself, as well as composing and re-arranging most of the songs, her growth and maturity have shone through and she continues to endear herself to her fans all over the world.

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