Wave Lyrics and Song By Emtee (New Hit)

As I reminisce, remember when I was a kid
I just wanted to be rich, dawg
They just wanna surf
They know I’m the wave, they don’t wanna learn
I’ve got kids, tryna cop my own whip
Maybe a crib, dawg
They know what I’m worth
I’m putting in work
They’ve been tryna curve me, dawg

verse 1
I’m putting in work, back on the turf
Savin’ up for a Merc
And I designer the shirt
Pricey cologne, I don’t got a fur
You say you got it ten I got it first
I’m tryna get it on four now
I want hammer them
They don’t listen when I’m telling them
Catching feelings is irrelevant
Uk’khala ak’sizi my dawg
Mina ngiya rap-a ang’na CV my dawg
You see how they treat me my dawg
Rest in peace to SK, hope you see me on God
This life ain’t easy my dawg
Sometimes az’khiphi my dawg


verse 2
I’ve been patient for way too long
I thank God that he made me strong, yeah
They wanna ride the wave
Wake up and decide to hate
I’m not going outside today
Negative energy far away
Sizopopa nathi
Noma kunzima ukuz’thoka ntwaezin
Ngifun’ ukuz’thola nami
K’dala ngifun uk’ba iboza nami
Ngifun’ ukuz’thola nami
K’dala ngifun uk’ba iboza nami

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